The Story of Rose's Rebirth

Rose was completed the first time in July of 2008. You can read the story of that epic build elsewhere on this website. On June 1, 2012 we began the tear down and rebuild of Rose. With two of my good friends who also participated in the first build, Ron Fortner and 'Squeak' Sharps we moved Rose into the big garage and began disasembly.

By days end, we had Rose on the lift (thats ANOTHER whole story), pulled the radiator, removed the front clip of bodywork and pulled the Flathead and C-4 Transmission.

We Started June 1 2012. Thats the Flathead and transmission we removed from Rose in the foreground.

We carried the front clip across the driveway and set it in my trailer for now.

Another name from the original build, Bobby Lewis, has asked for Rose's flathead. That will be a perfect new home for it.

Here is Rose's nice fresh Ford 302 5.0 H O roller motor, The gold paint is serving as a base primer.....She was painted PINK June 3!!

Part of what has made it so tough to decide to do this rebuild is the original firewall well be cut out and a new recessed firewall welded in. I intend to salvage the original firewall and all the signatures on it, and have the original signatories of the first build re-sign the new firewall.Thats the new firewall laying across the frame rails in front of the old firewall.

We are also going to remove the solid axle front suspension and install an independent front suspension and new front cross member. Bobby also asked for the front suspension for his project, so I'm trying to create some photo documentation for him.

Might ask Bobby if he needs the old radiator too.

Check back soon to watch Rose's progress

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