The Story of Rose's Rebirth Continues

We started this on June 1 2012, after a series of very serious weather events, we finally got back to the project. Ron Fortner and 'Squeak' Sharps returned and we removed the old cross member and began installing a new Hub to hub Stage 3 from Fatman Fabrications..

Here it is October 13, 2012 and now we're addressing minor details but required details none the less. Here I am going to try to document the conversion of my old Flatheads 'Oil Bath Air Cleaner' to fit on my engines new Edelbrook 4 Barrel.

Here's my Original Oil Bath Air Cleaner and the bottom part of a 14" air cleaner for my 4 Barrel carberator.

I marked the bottom of the Oil Bath Filter for cutting, as well as the 4 barrel filter base.I made the cut on the inside mark, the outside mark is the total flange.

After making both cuts, here is the four barrel flange on the bottom of the original air cleaner. Good Ol' J B Weld may be your best friend here.

Yet another use for Duct tape. I'm ready to cut the original filter insert to make way for a modern air filter.

My set up to cut so I could use my portable band saw.

After the cut just throw away the bottom and all the wire mesh stuffings.

After a trip to NAPA and pouring through their air cleaner catlog to find a filter. Finished product is not too bad.

Check back soon to watch Rose's progress

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