The Story of Rose's Rebirth Continues

We started this on June 1 2012, after a series of very serious weather events, we finally got back to the project. Ron Fortner and 'Squeak' Sharps returned and we removed the old cross member and began installing a new Hub to hub Stage 3 from Fatman Fabrications..

She's still on the lift, We've really been battling issues with transmission, then torque converter, then transmission again and finally torque converter again. NOW, I believe we're all ready.

In the mean time, the new tonneau cover came in and it looks GREAT !

From the back I like the way the tonneau fits !

Next, I'm thinking of ditchin' the dog dish hub caps and going to center caps and chrome lugs.

On the front before I put the center cap on

November 9 we FINALLY got Rose back on the ground !! I asked Ron to do the honor of driving her off the lift.....and he TOOK OFF !

After Ron's little test drive we have to re adjust the transmission linkage and probably replace the throttle cable. But all in all......a VERY good Day !

I contacted the tonneau cover manufacturer and they wouldn't make a solid pink tonneau cover for me, so I'm thinking of some other treatments.

Another look at this idea.

December 1, 2012. All is right with the world. I got Iris moved back in with Rose. Also got the smog ports blocked off on Rose's 302.

Check back soon to watch Rose's progress

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