The Story of Rose's Rebirth Continues

We started this on June 1 2012, after a series of very serious weather events, we finally got back to the project. Ron Fortner and 'Squeak' Sharps returned and we removed the old cross member and began installing a new Hub to hub Stage 3 from Fatman Fabrications..

She's still on the lift, but I got her wheels and tires on and.......I think we NAILED that Hot Rod STANCE !!

View from the rear angle, she's close now !

This plate speaks to the reason for this build !

My motorcycle carries a similar message.

October 18 was a major milestone. Fluids in and fired the motor for the FIRST TIME !!!! Also got the front bumper back on and some cleaning.

Did a little work on the interior headliner this weekend. Installing the weatherstripping around the doors.

After several uhm, unfortunate circumstances, the C-4's Input shaft gave it up.

We had to drop the transmission out and now we'll install an brand new transmission.

We've really had a fit wrestling this whole transmission/torque converter thing.....but the GOOD news.....this tonneau cover is going to be EXCELLENT

Check back soon to watch Rose's progress

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